​Clayton High School Performance Ensembles

CHS Band Boosters' Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President:  Blake Long   blakelong.chsbands@gmail.com

Vice President, Operations:  Cristy Bouknight   cbouknight.chsband@gmail.com  

Treasurer:  Donna Fox   donnafox.chsband@gmail.com

Secretary:  Paula Barnes   paula.parks.fitzhugh@gmail.com


At-Large:   Celeste Lopez   triplelopez@yahoo.com

Fundraising:  Gretchen Williams   rgbbbwilliams@gmail.com

Pit Band Crew:  Stacy & Nick Petro   nickpetro.chsband@gmail.com

Student Account Representative:  Melanie Estes   mestes.chsband@gmail.com

If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact Blake Long.

For information regarding your students' academic needs, please contact our Band Director, Mr. McFarland. 

Our Band Boosters are here to answer most other needs.  See the information below regarding the person to contact. 

CHS Band Boosters